Scottish National Ice Rinks Tour 2022/2023
Temporary Ice Rinks Tour

Hello, I am Jon and I am the director of Get Scotland Skating C.I.C. and ICE Caledonia Ltd. 

A plea to the communities of Scotland’ – We will bring ICE to your county!

Due to COVID-19, many permanent ice rinks across Scotland have remained closed. Some even now being used as gyms and spinning halls. Also many of the large city winter festivals have now been cancelled.  Ice users (skaters, ice hockey players, curlers and public skaters have not been able to take to the ice for months).

The company is planning #GetScotlandSkating tour of Scotland. Please see below the reasons for starting the campaign.


ICE in Aberdeenshire 

ICE in Ayrshire

ICE in Inverness-shire

ICE in Moray

ICE in Sutherland

ICE in West Lothian

Each winter, temporary ice rinks ‘pop up’ around the UK.

Our Winter Ice Rinks provide ‘real’ temporary ice to smaller community groups, villages and towns across Scotland. We are also creating local jobs at each event site.

We do our best to provide ICE to patrons that are community led. The systems we use are energy efficient and use as much recycled products as possible. Projects are open to local groups, towns and villages to install and operate an ice rink for at least 20 days. ‘Especially where ice is limited or not available at all’

#StaySafe #WinterIceRinks #ICECaeldonia #GetScotlandSkating